Why You Should Start Consuming Your News on News-Aggregator Sites?

Why You Should Start Consuming Your News on News-Aggregator Sites?

News plays an important role as it keeps us updated on the current happenings all around the world. News can be broadly categorized into various sectors based on entertainment, sports, politics, business, etc. With so much information available, it could become difficult to get the information that you need. The massive shift from print to digital has to an extent made local newspaper a thing of the past. As our attention span continues to reduce drastically, we increasingly glance through news or rather just the headlines. News aggregators and curators can be the solution that one needs to get quick, easy, and authentic news.

News aggregators sites are convenient as they keep relevant content in front of the users in a systematic manner. Since these sites source news from other authentic sources, it is comparatively easier to trust them. The news curators go through the trouble of sourcing information from various sources after carefully vetting them and ensuring authenticity. We at Storytrim, also write a unique summary that is aimed to give you the gist of the matter in a few lines.

News aggregators & curators also constantly update the user interface to ensure that you get the best layout for an easy reading experience. The original content creators also get an opportunity to get additional traffic and viewers which are redirected from the news aggregators. It is evident that these websites bring a range of benefits for readers as well as content creators while eliminating most serious problems plaguing the news industry today. Let us look at some of the common problems that are solved by news aggregators and curators. 

common problems that are solved by news aggregators and curators

Misleading sources – The sources from which the news is generated can be misleading. It could be based on a wrong source or even a motivated source. When multiple sources are referred, chances of this happening are significantly reduced.

Clickbait news – Sometimes we see these eye-catching and interesting headlines that lead us to click on the link and we find out there is no relevant content that matches the headline. These are clickbait news that attracts the reader’s attention and earns revenue with each click.

Propaganda-based – These types of news are used to describe a point of view or create a certain narrative. Primarily used by political parties and extremists, propaganda-based news has the potential to do a lot of harm to society.

Paid content – Paid news generally advertises favourable conditions/coverage for the organization or for a person who is willing to pay. Such information can deceive readers by not letting them know the actual facts. Again, political parties are guilty of using these techniques time and again.

Wrong content – Sometimes, the content which we read on the media platforms can be factually incorrect. The mistake can be either a genuine one or can be to harm one’s image. This type of content can bring a bad name to a person, organization, or brand which in turn can have negative effects on their life or in business.

Counterfeit – This type of content tends to replicate an actual person, event, or business. For e.g., Websites or social media accounts posing for a well-known brand or celebrities can take advantage and can publish any content on their behalf.

These are some of the major drawbacks impacting the news industry today. News aggregators and curators can significantly reduce the impact of such news.  Not all stories that we read on the internet are related to actual facts, so at Storytrim, we ensure that readers get a fair and genuine knowledge for every story. It is a single platform right from politics to travel where we aggregate the best and trending stories for everyone.

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