Why News Overdose Is Driving Away Users?

Why News Overdose Is Driving Away Users?

We get 24*7 news coverage on our news channels, mobile apps, and social media, keeping us updated about the current happenings in and around the world. Every day we see this news feeds on our social media, as notifications from apps, and on news channels that are always pushed upon us. The use of mobile phones has undoubtedly changed the scenario of news consumption. With everything on the go, we get all the latest news updates from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other news apps.  

Consuming news is fine until it is excessively bombarded on us. Nowadays, news channels and other platforms are continually displaying false and sensational news. Topics such as conflicts, natural disasters, politics, terrorism, etc. are being shown excessively and with malafide intent. The news that we see daily on such platforms are also connected with our psychological health. Such news is connected with our emotions as exposure to them can cause anxiety and other adverse effects. The negative news is more likely to affect our emotions as excessively consuming such news can cause us to worry, and may even make a certain section of people feel unsafe. 

The constant need for attention and the race to publish news first on news channels has led to degrading in the quality of news. Over the past few years, sensational, exaggerating, misleading and fake news has been on the rise. Sometimes, we see these eye-catching and sensational news headline that lures us to click on it, but after clicking, we see an irrelevant content that was not even related to the headline. Often, the main intention of showing such headlines is to get a click and earn revenue.

We also see some fake or misleading news that can severely affect one’s organization, business, or life. News that is sensational or exaggerating is shown continuously to gain the reader’s attention while there is no need for such news. The rise of paid news has also been increasing, with companies as well as political parties even making payments covertly and offering other benefits. The readers, more often than not, are clueless about such paid campaigns. 

Start identifying Fake News

Use of bots for spreading fake news is also on the rise. Bots are a computer program that keeps repeating a task autonomously. With the help of bots, it is easy to spread fake news over the internet and on social media. Not only the bots but readers’ too forward the trending news and make it viral, when there is no need to give importance to such negative or fake news. It is crucial that everyone check the authenticity of such news before further sharing it. 

Every story that we see on the news channels, social media, or news apps should be original and have some facts linked to it. At Storytrim, we show you the most important and trending news which is provided by the original link where you can read the whole article. The news is divided into many categories like travel, lifestyle, technology, etc. making it easy for users to find all in one platform. The articles are limited and curated, so if you wish to read the whole article, you can click on the source and read it. Any kind of news that we read on the internet should generally be short and relevant as to save the reader’s time. At Storytrim, you get all categories of news, so you do not have to go anywhere searching for the latest news.

Overdose of watching repetitive news on social media and television can have a significant impact on your life. This news overdose is driving away readers. It is about time that news regains the authenticity and crispness it once had at one point in time. Until then save yourself the trouble and continue reading news on Storytrim. Read short and save time.

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