Why And How To Use News Aggregator Sites Effectively?

Why And How To Use News Aggregator Sites Effectively?

Today, in the 21st century, people are in a hustle to achieve their dreams and prove their worth. They lack time to look at what is happening around them and what they need to be careful about. News is a medium which keeps everyone informed about the different affairs of the city, state, country and world. But, skimming through different websites just to read and create an opinion about one piece of news is too much work. Thus, with the emergence of digitalization, there are some who have come up with an idea of getting news in one place. These news aggregator websites have grown tremendously in the last five years and there is a great response to these sites. From politics to business to travel, these aggregators have it all covered on a single platform. 

What Is A News Aggregator?

News aggregators are websites that provide a single platform for all types of news. Using different algorithms and programming methods, the news aggregator platform source the most reliable and 360-degree news from across the entire internet. The news collected is categorized based on geographical location or the different sectors of news like politics, business, etc. News aggregators are basically a one-stop-shop for all your daily news requirement. 

The news aggregator sites are sometimes confused with sites that simply plagiarize news. This does not hold true because these sites give the credits or provide links to the original piece for further reading. Also, the news websites that are linked to the aggregator sites gain a number of visitors and high volumes of clicks which help them rank better and improve their brand image. Thus, this is mutually beneficial to both the original news website and the news aggregator. 

Why Are News Aggregators Useful?

usefulness of news aggregator website

Trust and authenticity are the foremost components for having a better customer following and loyalty. Thus, it is essential for a news aggregator website to be effective in the news that they deliver to the public. There are certain pointers which show how effective news aggregator platforms can be useful for the public. So, let us see how news aggregators are useful for the readers as well as news creators. 

  • User Satisfaction – On a news aggregator website or application, the user experience is much better than the normal new website. Especially an effective news aggregator website tends to have crisp, precise, and short news for its users. Moreover, the availability of all news beats in a single place further improves user satisfaction.  
  • Business Gains – A news aggregator provides a platform to the news websites to reach a wider audience. It ensures that well-written and quality news articles receive a higher number of readers. In a way, news aggregators help in promoting better news creators. This results in increased revenue for these quality sites. 
  • New revenue Model – The news aggregator platforms have an opportunity of monetizing their own platform through advertising and creating original content. An effective collection and segregation of the news data with a professional and well-written summary can take a news aggregator to the next level.  

How News Aggregators Function Effectively?

The advancement in technology has significantly helped news aggregators leverage the latest technological solutions. The automated process ensures that only the best and the more relevant news are delivered to you. News aggregations primarily involve the following steps:

  • Data Collection – There are two simple ways to gather news data through the web. The first is through an RSS Feed which is installed on the website. On the other hand, some platforms crawl the HTML pages on other news websites and then place that collected data on their aggregator websites. 
  • Data Extraction – This step mainly involves extracting the relevant data collected from the website. The extracted relevant articles are not copied to the platform, but only a few parts like the headline, lead paragraph, image, and lastly the author or source of the news are presented. 
  • Categorizing the related articles – The related articles pertaining to a certain area or a particular section like politics are categorized and grouped. The common techniques used to find related articles are topic modelling and keyword-based approach based on the TF-IDF measures. 
  • Summarization – In this stage of building a news aggregator platform, the best article with the most relevant content is used as a thumbnail to represent the whole category.
  • Visualization – User experience is an essential part of the news aggregator platform and thus, it is necessary to have a piece of visually appealing news and image to support it. This increases the engagement of the news and leads to an increase in unique visitors. 

The primary aim of a news aggregator platform is to have saved time and offer convenience to the readers. At storytrim, we take pride in the fact that we deliver all sides of any story. In the times of being biased, we wish to ensure that our readers get a 360-degree picture of everything that is happening across the globe. So, stay tuned to storytrim for the latest news. 

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