Types of News Aggregator In India

Types of News Aggregator In India

We live in times where so much is happening around us that it becomes impossible to keep track of important and relevant events. News is the foremost source that we trust as it gives us a daily update on the current events related to each sector. They say, “Ignorance is bliss”, well that is certainly not true when it comes to the occurrences around us. With news aggregators, you get the most trusted news as it aggregates the facts from combining various sources.

News aggregators are generally divided into four categories namely Feed Aggregator, Specialty Aggregator, User-curated Aggregators and, Blog Aggregators. Let’s take a closer look at each type of aggregator and how each plays a critical role in its own way.

Feed Aggregator

RSS Aggregator helps us to curate content from various RSS Feeds of the websites.

Feed Aggregator, also known as RSS feed aggregators provides information by combining various sources like blogs, articles, websites etc. With so much new information already being added daily on the internet, it can be a tedious task for checking the updated information on your favourite websites. Consider your preferred website say a sports website, rather than checking on the website daily, you can simply refer to its RSS feed. The website owner generally updates the title, description, and links of the updated post in a text file with a .xml extension. The website owner then adds this file to the RSS feed on the web pages of the site. This XML file updates itself daily when the owner adds the necessary information. The feed aggregator will have all this sorted, you can browse their websites just like you use any website.

Speciality Aggregator

Sometimes you do not want to read about all the news or information provided on the internet or either you just want to read about your favourite topic, that is when speciality aggregators come into the picture. Speciality Aggregator combines and collects various information for a particular topic or location. Even they have a title, description, and link of the information available. Speciality Aggregators tend to focus in a limited way, and they cover just a few topics or sources. With speciality aggregators, you can consume news about the beats that you like or even follow the latest happening near your location.

User-Curated Aggregators

A large amount of content is generated from Users through various platforms.

User-Curated Aggregators are generally websites that display links and snippets of text from a variety of websites from the users. The links that we can see on the user-curated websites are generally taken from a wider variety of sources. These are the links that include blogs, articles, or even videos from YouTube or even traditional media sources. Traditional media sources are often more professional, reliable, and accurate. There is a stark difference between aggregators and curator with the former simply adding all the links without any intervention, whereas the latter carefully curate the news.

Blog Aggregator

As the name implies, blog aggregators are the ones that aggregate blogs of various categories. Generally, they are websites that use third-party content to create a blog about a given topic. The blog post contains two or three lines of a summary of the article followed by the link of the original post. They may use information from multiple blogs to create a single story. The blog aggregators may use an original headline, or it can simply use the content from the blogs. You can, in most occasions, find links that are re-directed to the original blogs allowing you to verify the content.

Aggregators are one of the best ways to stay updated with the current information, news trends or happenings. With the use of news aggregator, it is easy to collect current and relevant content. If you are someone who consumes news on social media, you should certainly consider switching to news aggregators or curators as these are more reliable than social media. It allows you to consume the news that you want seamlessly and with complete assurance about authenticity.

Today the online world is changing, and with that change, we cannot trust the authenticity of the information that we get on the internet. Aggregators make sure that you get this information is from trusted sources as they generally link the original content with that piece of information. At Storytrim, we take pride in the fact that we curate news by checking all the aspects of the piece and ensure that the information is completely accurate.

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