Has Indian User Moved Away From Sensational News?

Has Indian User Moved Away From Sensational News?

Sensationalism in the news industry has been observed as a highly growing factor. Nowadays, we see many TV news channels, debates, discussions, etc. exaggerating on a particular topic to make it popular even if it is not relevant. Add social media to the mix, and you have a recipe for disaster. Social media has also become the platform to further promote such sensational news as anything shared on social media spreads around the world in just a few minutes. Social media is misused to spread sensational news along with bigoted opinions. 

The stories covered are meant to provoke people on the grounds of caste, religion, political views, etc. The hype created in this type of content is often misleading or with mala fide intentions. However, this gross misrepresentation of the story can harm the image of anyone caught in such stories. It also has the potential to massively impact the social harmony of society and damage the social fabric of the country. 

News channels and other similar news platforms are so busy in showing such sensational news that they forget to highlight other essential news which may have a far significant impact on society. The focus has been mainly shifted to show news on politics, caste, religion, and anything that can be used to instigate people. Be it a politician saying against other parties or a celebrity uploading a picture on social media, such news is always on the top list. 

The irony of the fact is that people have slowly begun to realize the efforts by the majority of the news creators of spreading sensational news. They know that they are being fed ‘the breaking news’ 24*7. The breaking news that we see on TVs, hear in a debate or discussion can only be trusted if they are backed up by facts. The quality of news should matter more rather than the quantity. 


No doubt, today everyone is in the constant race to become a top reporter or ‘No. 1 Channel’, but this should not be achieved based on showcasing fake news, falsely accusing statement, or twisting statements. Sometimes, news channels and social media tend to broadcast these types of breaking news again and again which can be misleading. Though some news items do not catch the reader’s attention, it should be presented with some kind original sources and facts. 

News aggregators bring to you the most trusted and systematically sorted news which gives you a 360-degree view on the overall scenario of each news. News aggregators also present the news in its original form rather than providing with fake news or exaggerating it. It combines various sources, collates, and pulls together the best data in front of the readers. News aggregators and curators could be the break from ‘Breaking News’ that you so badly need. 

News aggregators and curators highlights the importance of each category of news like sports, education, fashion, politics, etc., so that the readers get an overall view of the entire story. It is not just reading by blindly trusting one source, but reading is backed up by facts with the news aggregators. The headline of the story does not mislead, while you also get an actual link of the original article. The news aggregators are continuously growing and evolving and are rapidly emerging as a platform that saves time while providing completely authentic news. It would not be wrong to say that the next era of news will most likely be dominated by the news aggregators and curators.

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